Why music & media
based teaching?

We believe there is a digital divide between the way students are taught and the world they live in. L2L encourages the combination of music and multi-media content in the classroom to build a bridge, actively engaging students through a meaningful and motivational learning experience.

It's easy for students to "tune out" in school. Teachers are constantly seeking new tools to drive engagement and participation. L2L saves teachers time by providing all lesson plans, resources, and content through one platform to easily share and support one another. Students learn through a new method of instruction all dictated by you and fellow teachers.

Join us to establish a strong community for teachers/educators by sharing your work. Together, we may inspire and empower students using classic works for literature and multi-media content in the classroom.


L2L provides educators with free links to music and media offerings to match corresponding lesson plans sold on the site. Please note, all songs are not suitable for every age or grade level and choices should be based upon each individual teacher’s discretion. L2L does not designate age ranges nor assumes responsibility for songs shared within the classroom. It is recommended for teachers to preview the content at-hand prior to classroom execution, as many songs and or media tools may speak about or reference emotional behaviors, actions, religion, love and/or include controversial language. Transparency with and approval from parents is strongly advised should you decide to use L2L in the classroom. With that said, we do feel providing an array of musical options and additional media tools allows students in different learning environments and levels to better connect to the curriculum in his/her own way.